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u-blox is a Swiss company providing the technology integral to a range of navigational tools used in wireless communications and global positioning. u-blox products can be found in large scale automotive and industrial mobile-to-mobile systems, as well as in mobile and handheld consumer devices.

The story behind the Cambridgeshire-based arm of the Swiss company is one of development and acquisitions.  u-blox acquired Cambridgeshire-based Cognovo in 2012: an acquisition driven by Cognovo’s developmental work on mobile phone software. Cognovo itself had been created in 2009 as a spin-out from global systems giant ARM, a move which led to the reassembly of some of the TTPCom team at Melbourn Science Park.  This regional arm of u-blox now operates out of Melbourn Science Park, as well as from an additional site in Leuven, Belgium.


Fluid worked on the design and initial delivery of IT systems in the UK and Belgium offices and we have since been fully engaged to deliver support for IT systems and end-users across both sites.
Recent growth has seen the need for a new office – Fluid were asked to provide and manage an end-to-end solution to move the entire ICT infrastructure from old to new buildings with minimal downtime.

Once the foundations were laid for an integrated system, Fluid was able to make any further adjustments or improvements to the system with minimal disruption to the operations of the company.  Utilising the breadth of skills within the Fluid team, the ICT infrastructure was moved over a weekend.  Users worked up until the Friday at the old office and returned to work on the Monday at the new offices, where all systems were operational.

Technology: HP servers and storage, Microsoft, Linux, HP networking, Cisco, telephony and cabling.

Put simply, we engage Fluid to deliver IT services and projects on our behalf because they do what they say they are going to do. We can trust them to ensure our requirements are met every time. They go out of their way to make sure they understand our requirements not only in an IT sense but in a business sense as well. - u-blox