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SCPHA was founded in 1899 and is the largest Port Health Authority in the UK. SCPHA are responsible for the enforcement of Health checks at the Port of Felixstowe as well as providing several services to other UK Ports. Their mission is the Protection of Public and Animal Health.

Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority serves the public by providing essential border checks on controlled imports such as controls for Products of Animal Origin and products for human or animal consumption, ship sanitation control and certification, food standards, food safety, water quality, sampling and infectious disease control. The SCPHA team provide a professional, effective and efficient service with the quickest possible turnaround times for consignments of imported foods and products of animal origin.



Fluid were consulted to design and implement a replacement core and access layer Local Area Network (LAN) at  SCPHA headquarters in Felixstowe. The requirement was to design an enterprise grade solution that provided SCPHA  with a resilient network with the ability to support data, voice and video services and also prioritise mission critical  applications.

Once the design and approach were signed off by the business stakeholders, we moved on to the implementation phase. Network equipment was pre-staged off site to reduce downtime during installation and the LAN migration was completed outside of normal working hours and seamlessly with no disruption to the business. The project delivered on all requirements and also provided SCPHA IT staff with the controls and visibility to manage the LAN via the Cisco Meraki Dashboard, an easy-to-manage central cloud platform.

Since the delivery of the LAN replacement project Fluid continue to work with SCPHA and have successfully delivered a Firewall replacement project, LAN and Wireless refresh project and continue to provide support services to SCPHA.

Technology: Cisco Meraki MS Switches and MR Access Points, FortiGate Security Appliances, Meraki System Manager, Guest and Secure Corporate Wireless

Fluid have worked with us to design and deliver a resilient, secure and feature rich Cisco Meraki network, we have built a trusted partnership and Fluid continue to work with us to provide continuous support and services. - Suffolk Costal Port Health