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CGI is a global business with 70,000 professionals in hundreds of locations across the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe who provide end-to-end IT and business process services that facilitate the ongoing evolution of their clients’ businesses.

Among its many clients across the international community, CGI delivers IT services and solutions for Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust covering the Milton Keynes and north London region. Over 8,000 staff work within the Trust which covers an NHS area that includes over 250 doctors’ surgeries, clinics and hospital facilities.  Fluid, which already has an established base of NHS and private hospital contracts, was the perfect match for this project.



Fluid delivered a specific connectivity piece, interfacing with the CGI team, across 80 sites in Milton Keynes and Greater London. We have enjoyed an open dialogue with CGI which has helped us identify issues before they become problems. The working relationship between CGI and Fluid is enhanced by the partnership that Fluid enjoys with Cisco – worldwide providers of networking equipment and solutions. As a Cisco partner, Fluid works with the vendor to derive the best value for the end client.

Fluid sourced the equipment and stored it for CGI centrally, it was then pre-configured and tested on Fluid premises before sending to each site. This aided in reducing any downtime during the installation and migration phase.

Fluid provided detailed Wi-Fi surveys to identify the number of access points required and wireless coverage in the areas defined.  Constant dialogue between the CGI project managers, NHS management at the end user site and the installation team meant that any unforeseen issues were identified and dealt with quickly. Once installation was complete, Fluid support continued to support in any on site activities required.

Technology: Cisco Switches, Cisco Routers, Cisco Access Points, Netscout AirMagnet.

The offering and cost-effectiveness that Fluid delivers makes them a real pleasure to work with. Fluid has autonomy, which means they can deliver solutions quickly and can move with agility when needed. Quite often Fluid has only a vague set of instructions, but they interpret the information and meet our demands every time.  We have a very good relationship, we met regularly and the project is nearing the end – on time and to cost.  We have already worked with Fluid on a bunch of occasions and we will certainly do so again. Their knowledge of the NHS, through other contracts, means they have a unique insight into the NHS and its particular challenges which helps us to deliver on our objectives. - CGI